Save lives. Provide hope. Help those impacted by blood cancer.

Every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer. Every ten minutes, blood cancer takes a life. You can help us make a difference.

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6 out of 10 patients cannot find a matching donor.


For many blood cancer patients, a bone marrow or blood stem cell transplant is the best chance for survival. Hero saves lives by adding potential donors to the bone marrow registry.

Host a drive or get swabbed today.


Each year, 170,000 people will receive a blood cancer diagnosis in the U.S.

Hero Fund

The Hero Fund supports Baltimore area blood cancer patients and their families by covering the unanticipated costs of treatment.

This includes meals during treatment, medically tailored meals post-discharge, transportation, parking, and copays.



Nationally, people of color are underrepresented on the bone marrow donor registry.

Hero Fund

Our Color the Registry program seeks to diversify the bone marrow registry, offering hope to all patients in need of a bone marrow transplant, no matter their ethnic or racial background.

While patients of European descent have a 77% chance of finding a match, compared to 23% of African American or Black patients. 


Hero’s 2021 Year In Recap

December 21, 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, There Goes My Hero thought it would be exciting to take the time to share everything that we were able to accomplish this past year thanks to the amazing generosity and support from our Hero community. 

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Interview With Lindsey Ledwin: A Blood Cancer Survivor

November 15, 2021

For this month’s blog post, Hero had the opportunity to interview Lindsey Ledwin, our newest board member. Lindsey is a Government Consultant with Tiber Creek Group, and is a Chronic Myeloid Leukemia survivor. She was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions about her diagnosis and how it has impacted her life.

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How Umbilical Cords Save Lives

October 18, 2021

Giving birth is giving new life to your child, but it does not have to stop there. Giving birth can also mean giving life back to someone diagnosed with blood cancer. If you decide to donate your child’s umbilical cord blood when you give birth, you could potentially save the life of someone who is…

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The Big Three: Leukemia Vs. Lymphoma Vs. Myeloma

September 3, 2021

Leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma: these are the three most common forms of blood cancer. But what are they, and how do they differ? It can be easy to confuse them, given some of their similarities. All three are cancers that start in the blood forming organs and affect the body’s immune system. This blog post…

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Anddd It’s A Wrap!

July 30, 2021

As they always say, time flies when you are having a good time. From the very beginning of being welcomed to the Hero team, I have enjoyed myself tremendously. It is so bittersweet to think about my time ending here, but before I go, I want to take a walk down memory lane.  From the…

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