Celebrating Juneteenth with the Community at the Randallstown Y

Juneteenth is an annual holiday in the United States to celebrate the emancipation of freed slaves. This Juneteenth, There Goes My Hero is partnering with the Randallstown YMCA and joining in the celebration by hosting a Color the Registry Bone Marrow Drive at the 4th Annual Juneteenth Celebration Event at the Randallstown Y.

We sat down with Tawanda FordMembership Operations Manager of the Randallstown Y, to ask her more about the event, the Randallstown Y, and her involvement with the community.

The 4th Annual Juneteenth Celebration Event will take place on Saturday, June 8th, outside at the Randallstown Y. This event is sure to have entertainment for all ages. “There’s going to be a lot of vendors, food trucks, nonprofit organizations, and Baltimore County organizations,” says Tawanda. There will be activities for children, organized by the Y on the Fly program.

For Tawanda, Juneteenth is a “celebration of freedom from a historical standpoint and to the future.” While people of all races and ethnicities are welcomed and encouraged to attend, this event is designed to celebrate black culture. “We want to highlight African American achievements in society,” says Tawanda.

The event will begin with the Black National Anthem sung by Tracy Hall, a Towson University alumnus with a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts. This event will also have speakers, including Julian Jones, 4th District Baltimore County Councilman, and Johnny Olszewski, Baltimore County Executive.

One of the hallmarks of Tawanda’s involvement is community engagement. While some might think this event isn’t for them because of the need for membership to belong to the Y, this isn’t always the case. “Even though it’s membership oriented we do a lot of community work, our community outreach is outstanding,” says Tawanda. If you and your family and friends are interested in this event visit our website to learn more.