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Archive for July 2013

Words of Hope – Hershey Park

July 17th, 2008 It has been about a month since I was release from Hopkins after my 24 day stay. I had completed the induction round of treatments that are designed to remiss the leukemia and set me on the road to the bone marrow transplant. At this point in 2008 we had a target…

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Words of Hope – Finding My MUD

July 8th, 2008-I left you with a teaser at the end of the last blog; Hershey Park, Blood Clots and Relapse…  I am going to prolong the wait on that discussion as it happened a little later in July, 2008.  This period in 2008 was somewhat uneventful in the grand scheme of this process, though…

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Words of Hope – 24 Days in the Hole

June 24th, 2008: Sorry for the long lag in posts.  The lag in time coincides with many long, boring days in the hospital recovering.  I was released from the hospital after spending 24 days inpatient from May 27th through June 19th.  Those 24 days were chock full of little issues; fevers, rashes, GI issues, etc…  I…

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