Learning More About Alternative Therapies in Cancer Treatment

Cancer can be painful both physically and emotionally no matter if an individual is battling cancer, experiencing their recovery journey, or taking care of a loved one with cancer. Recovery methods are always evolving and expanding with new technology.

To stay on top of the latest trends in cancer recovery and wellness, There Goes My Hero likes to keep an eye out for any new kind of treatment that might be beneficial to people impacted by cancer.

Please note: There Goes My Hero does not endorse any specific type of therapy in cancer recovery

Meet Maritza Alcoreza-Dominguez, general manager of Restore Hyper Wellness, an innovative category of care offering a realm of services and treatments crafted from total balance, energy and proactive healing. “Our services help balance mood and boost energy” says Maritza. From Cryotherapy to HydraFacial’s, Restore has it all. We wanted to know how Restore can help those impacted by cancer through all kinds of treatments. There Goes My Hero got a chance to sit down with Maritza and pick her brain about Restore.

With a background in social work, I asked Maritza how she got involved with Restore. Located in The Shops at Canton Crossing, the Baltimore location of Restore is one of many nationwide. Maritza’s family acquired locations in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and El Paso after a family member sought refuge in Restore’s services. “My mom was recovering from a knee replacement that went very poorly,” said Maritza. Maritza’s mother began using cryotherapy at Restore. Cryotherapy is a pain management method which exposes the body to sub-zero temperatures in a Cryotherapy Chamber over a few, 3-minute sessions per week. Maritza explains how when her mother started using Cryotherapy, it “helped manage her pain, helped bring down the swelling, and with decreasing the inflammation, with decreasing the pain, she was able to do physical therapy.” Standing in a freezing chamber and experiencing the sub-zero temperatures of cryotherapy is intended to help people with pain, inflammation, depression, and anxiety.

When asked about other services that Restore provides, Maritza discussed one of their specialty services, Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHbOT) is designed to increase your cognitive function and your body’s healing processes by administering high levels of oxygen. Once cleared by a medical professional, your nurse will help administer this service by assisting you into the mHbOT chamber and applying the nasal cannula. At least 10 sessions are recommended for the best results.

So, where should someone who is in the cancer recovery process start? Visit Restore to speak with a wellness expert who will help customize a plan for you. If you are in the cancer recovery process, it’s important to clear any services you intend to use at Restore with both your oncologist as well as the nurse in studio. “We always have a nurse on site… They keep track of your medical history” says Maritza. The nurses are there to make sure that each service will be beneficial for you. Most importantly, it’s important to remember to be open-minded and curious about the services Restore offers.