Volunteer Spotlight: Devin Giordano

Meet Devin Giordano

Devin Giordano is one of There Goes My Hero’s newest volunteers! She began volunteering with our organization in March and we asked her what brought her to There Goes My Hero.


Devin Giordano


Tell us about yourself.  

I am a current senior at Johns Hopkins studying Public Health and will be pursuing postbaccalaureate pre-med studies at Columbia University next year to pursue medicine. 


When did you begin volunteering with There Goes My Hero?  

I began volunteering with There Goes My Hero this semester at the CIAA Fan Fest. 


Why do you volunteer with There Goes My Hero? 

I wanted to volunteer with There Goes My Hero because of my interest in community outreach and equality in healthcare outcomes. The Color the Registry Drive is extremely important in improving health outcomes for people of color with blood diseases. 


What was your favorite volunteering experience with There Goes My Hero? 

I really loved interacting with all of the people who came by the table, even if they did not want to get swabbed, they usually were eager to learn and saw the need for the work that There Goes My Hero does. A young woman who survived leukemia also came up to the table in tears to thank us for our work because she was not able to find a donor when she was being treated and it was extremely difficult for her. 


What would you say to someone who is thinking about volunteering with There Goes My Hero? 

Go for it! It is such a fun time to hang out with other volunteers and brighten other people’s days. The work is extremely important, so you know you’re really making a difference with every new swab you get. 

Want to volunteer with There Goes My Hero? Sign up here or email andrea@theregoesmyhero.org to learn more about the different ways you can be a Hero.