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SmartCEO Event – A Night of Heroes

A Night of Heroes honors local executives, community leaders and sports icons — and the people in their lives — who have been affected by a life-threatening illness. These individuals have demonstrated strength, resilience and selflessness, whether fighting their own battle of survival or supporting a loved one. Brought together by a mutual love of…

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Win an Autographed Ravens Football

Will you take our challenge? Our goal is 400 attendees and $40,000 at the 3rd Annual Hero-Palooza. We are 18 days away and we challenge you to help us reach our goal. Let’s make this fun! NOT REGISTERED? Register between September 3 – 9 and your name will be placed in a raffle for a $50 Best Buy gift…

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Word of Hope – Light at the End of the Tunnel

In June 2009, I was actually starting to feel like I was going to come out on the other side of this experience.  My blood counts were rising and nearing near normal levels.  This meant my immune system was stabilizing and I my red blood cells were carrying a lot of oxygen.  I started to use…

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Words of Hope – April & May challenges

  Here is a synopsis of April/May 2009 I am sorry for the delay in blog posts.  Hero has been quite busy the past few months running bone marrow drives with Nestor Aparicio, WNST and Baltimore Ravens Players. In 2009, April and May had a new set of challenges.  I had cleared the extremely difficult RSV and…

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Creative partnership bringing hope to those diagnosed with leukemia

  Baltimore, MD – March 24, 2014 —There Goes My Hero Foundation ( Three non-profit organizations are working together as never before.  Delete Blood Cancer, There Goes My Hero and The Ulman Cancer Fund have teamed up to add as many college students as possible to the national bone marrow registry.   Delete Blood Cancer…

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Words of Hope – The Fringe Benefit of RSV

March 2009 After enduring the RSV treatment in March, and mentally getting over being hospitalized for another 5 days, I was back at home beginning to recover again.  There was one  fringe benefit to having the RSV.  When I came to Hopkins for out patient treatment, I had to be quarantined.  This meant I had my own personal room, which was larger and…

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