5 Great Donor-Patient Meetings

This summer, our founder Erik Sauer was able to travel to Germany with his family to attend the wedding of Isabel, his bone marrow donor. This got us thinking about great donor-patient meetings we’ve read about over this summer, and the complete strangers who are willing to save the life of someone they’ve never met. Here are five amazing moments when blood cancer survivors meet their Heroes.

Bruce Meets his Lifesaver

In 2016, our volunteer Mike learned that he was the match for a patient. He didn’t know anything about the man who had blood cancer, but knew that this was his chance to save a life. He donated and this April, Mike surprised his new genetic twin Bruce while Bruce’s family was celebrating his “re-birthday.” Watch the heart-warming video on Facebook.

A Wedding to Remember

The photos of Skye and Hayden went viral this summer, and when you watch the video, you’ll understand why. Hayden donated bone marrow to save Skye’s life three years ago, and this year, Skye was the flower girl at Hayden’s wedding.

Crying with Joy, and Gratitude

Adriana was only four when she needed a bone marrow transplant to cure her leukemia. She was lucky to find a donor, a young man named Mike. This May, Adriana cried as she hugged Mike and thanked him for saving his life.

Worth the Wait

Bone marrow donors and transplant recipients have to wait at least one year to get in contact with one another, and some recipients and donors never meet. Sarah was just a baby when she received a transplant from Rachel, and ten years later, they finally met.

An Emotional Embrace

Lyndsey couldn’t contain her emotions when she finally got to meet Jacob, her life-saving donor. Jacob joined the bone marrow donor registry because his friend in high school at Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, the same type of cancer Lyndsey had been fighting for years. This summer, she finally got to thank him for his act of selflessness. Read more here.