5th Year Anniversary

In 2008, I was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia.  I was told my singular option for survival was a bone marrow transplant.  I received the transplant in November, 2008; 5 years ago now.  I met terrific friends through that experience; doctors, nurses, other patients and, of course, Isabel my donor from Germany.  For years, my patient friends were doing terrifically well in their recovery.  Over the past year, a couple of my favorite people, CAM and Sarah, have had a relapse of the blood cancer. I met CAM and Sarah at Johns Hopkins.  CAM and Sarah were both part of the first board of There Goes My Hero.  CAM has a wife and three kids and Sarah has a husband and two kids.  Both have had very successful careers and are very intelligent; CAM in the insurance business and Sarah is a law professor at the SMU in TX.  Both continue to inspire me.
I have to celebrate my 5 years free of leukemia.  I so appreciate my ongoing relationship with Isabel, my bone marrow donor from Germany.  I appreciate every day I get to spend with my wife and two boys.  I have a heavy heart thinking about my wonderful friends who are still battling an horrible disease and the exhaustion that accompanies treatment.  My thoughts and prayer are extended to CAM and Sarah and their families.  My energy and inspiration go towards reaching more people through There Goes My Hero.
Since the inception of There Goes My Hero in 2009 we have registered over 4000 bone marrow donors and provided over 28,000 meals to patients and families as they have endured treatment.  Your generosity today and in the future will help us perpetuation our mission.
Many thanks to all that have committed to helping There Goes My Hero!