Be A Hero Ambassador

It may be your first time volunteering with There Goes My Hero or it may be your fiftieth. Regardless of your experience, we appreciate every minute of the time you give in support of our mission. We’d also like to introduce an exciting new sort of volunteer opportunity: Hero Ambassador.

You may be thinking that the term “Hero Ambassador” would be someone who interacts with the community on TGMH’s behalf. If that’s the case, then you’re thinking right! Community awareness is integral to Hero’s operation. In order to be successful, we have to reach as many people as possible, especially to expand the bone marrow registry. Educating people and spreading awareness about blood cancers and the registry is also a crucial component of our mission; in doing so we establish a foothold in many new locations and communities to do drives and events. We have to be constantly up-to-date on events in the Greater Baltimore area as well as developments in blood cancer-related news.

Volunteers significantly expand our outreach when they contact new organizations. If you believe that your place of business church, club, or community center would be interested in partnering with us, then contact them! Even if you think that it’s just a remote possibility and you’re not very familiar with an organization, there’s still no harm in calling or paying a visit to learn more.

There are definitely perks to being a Hero Ambassador. You will be able to assist us on your own time, be close to your home, and help bring about drives at your favorite local spots. Helping TGMH can be as easy as just emailing a staff member about an opportunity or putting us in contact with an interested person or group. Here are some other points of interest before you go:

  • Large events with space reserved for vendors are often excellent opportunities for us
  • If you explain TGMH’s mission to them, most organizations are very willing to offer available space 
  • If a staff member isn’t able to come to the drive but you know it’s a great opportunity, we can provide you with the proper training and materials to do the drive on your own

There Goes My Hero is thankful for your dedication and selflessness. You make our jobs more manageable and most importantly you improve the lives of blood cancer patients.