What Is Bone Marrow Donation?

A bone marrow donation is a lifesaving treatment for many patients suffering from blood cancers like leukemia and multiple myeloma, and blood disorders like sickle cell disease and aplastic anemia. The purpose of a bone marrow transplant is to replace the unhealthy blood cells in the patient’s bloodstream with healthy blood-forming cells from a matching…

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Interview With Wendy Letow, Respite Retreats

Senior woman smiling while drawing with the group.

Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Wendy Letow, the Founder and Executive Director of Respite Retreats, a nonprofit organization located in Columbia, MD. Respite Retreats was founded in June 2018 with the mission to “provide retreats of respite to cancer patients, their caregivers, and families, and encourage healthy living…

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Am I In The Bone Marrow Registry Already?

Do you have a vague recollection of attending an event years ago and signing up for something related to blood cancer? You are not alone. At every drive we host, at least one person expresses the sentiment that they thought they joined the bone marrow registry but they are not quite sure. To join the…

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A Look At Rare Blood Diseases

rare blood diseases - blood cells

Rare Disease Day is held annually on the last day of February in an effort to raise awareness for rare diseases, improve access to treatment, and increase medical representation. In honor of Rare Disease Day, There Goes My Hero wants to take a closer look at rare blood disorders that affect thousands of patients and…

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5 Ways To Self-Care During Quarantine

Blood Cancer Patient Self-Care Quarantine

Self-care refers to any action taken to benefit your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Whether you’re recently diagnosed, undergoing treatment, or a survivor of blood cancer, many individual’s feel as though their life is suddenly out of their control. The demands and restrictions of cancer can lead to feelings of frustration and helplessness. Self-care is…

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Benefits of Participating in Virtual Races


There is no shortage of benefits when it comes to participating in races. It is a great way to stay active throughout the year while working on your personal best. Unfortunately, in-person races are one of the many events that have been postponed indefinitely due to COVID. Luckily, runners and walkers have a wonderful new…

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Interview with Andrew’s Laughing Gas

Andrew Mercier was diagnosed with Leukemia 2 days before his 10th birthday. This came as a surprise to his family and friends, as he had always been high energy, adventurous, and active kid. He was known to many as the class clown, and thoroughly enjoyed that title. He loved to make people laugh, creating his…

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Interview with the Founders of Ava’s Flavas

In 2013, when Ava Edwards was just 8 years-old, she started showing some alerting symptoms, including bruising on her hips and loss of color. After visiting the doctor about the bruises, she was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML), a type of blood cancer, which normally occurs in adults. The following year, Ava was also…

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A Slow Return to Business As Usual

bone marrow registry drive, blood cancer, bone marrow drive, bone marrow, swabbing

On March 11th, There Goes My Hero hosted what would be our last in-person bone marrow registry drive before the global pandemic hit. Since then, we have continued our mission by hosting over a dozen virtual bone marrow drives. This allows us to continue adding potential life-savers to the registry, but our virtual impact is…

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