Benefits of Participating in Virtual Races


There is no shortage of benefits when it comes to participating in races. It is a great way to stay active throughout the year while working on your personal best.

Unfortunately, in-person races are one of the many events that have been postponed indefinitely due to COVID. Luckily, runners and walkers have a wonderful new option: virtual races! Virtual races offer all the positive aspects of an in-person race, plus a few more!

Complete the race on your own time.

Generally, in-person races start in the early morning hours, which is not always welcomed for some runners. Many individuals would rather run in the afternoon or after dark based on personal preference.

That is the beauty of virtual races! Since there is no specific time or location, virtual races give you the freedom to run on your own time, at whichever time of time works best for you. Simply track your time and, once you have finished you run, upload your race results to receive your medals and swag.

Run at your favorite spot.

Rather than running at a predetermined spot with all the other competitors, a virtual race allows you to run at your favorite spot. You can participate from your neighborhood, local track, trail, or even on your treadmill. Just remember to wear your mask if running in public!

Virtual races also give racers the opportunity to participate from anywhere in the world. You are not limited to only participating in races that are near your home – you can sign up for any and all virtual races regardless of where you live.

Compete with friends and family around the world.

You might not be racing next to hundreds or thousands of competitors this year, but that does not mean there is no competition. In-person are meant to be fun, but sometimes all the competition can ruin the excitement. When other runners start passing you during the race, it can lead to feelings of self-consciousness and discouragement.

When running a virtual race, the only person you have to keep pace with is yourself. Not only will this push you to be your absolute best, but it will also keep the run enjoyable. If you choose to run with friends and family, a little friendly competition is extremely healthy and encouraging. Not only do you want to succeed, but you want to push your fellow runners to exceed as well, which means everyone is a winner!

If you are interested in participating in a virtual 5K, you’re in luck! This year, There Goes My Hero is so excited and honored to be the charity benefactor of the Virtual Miles That Matter Pikesville 5K Run/Walk hosted by the Pikesville – Owings Mills Chamber of Commerce. This four-day event, taking place on November 6-9th, is designed to inspire you to run in honor of our local heroes while having fun with your friends and family from anywhere in the world!

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of a virtual race or would like more information about the Miles That Matter Pikesville 5K, please contact There Goes My Hero at 443-339-4375 or email us at