Hope is all around us. . .

For the past few years, our Annual Polo Match and Family Outing has been made more lively with the awesome music of Fiction 20 Down: a gifted quartet of musicians that create an upbeat medley of Rock/Reggae music.  As described by www.homegrownmusic.net,  they have “an infectious spirit, strong musicianship… a lyrical, effervescent quality.”

The lead guitar player of Fiction 20 Down, Justin Berdeguez’s, has been matched with a leukemia patient.  He was registered last year.  Because of him, a leukemia patient will have hope of surviving this terrible disease.  He will be telling his story during our Polo Match Event this Sunday, June 5th at the Grounds of the Maryland Polo Club

I regularly speak with a woman in Hershey, Pennsylvania, who has a leukemia diagnosis and has been the recipient of a bone marrow transplant .  I connected with her last week and found out that she is now having her second transplant, after relapsing a short time ago.  From our dialogue she took a look at the Hero website.  She made a donation to the foundation as she entered into the 2nd Transplant… Incredible that she thinks so much of what we are doing and took that time, that money, at that moment in her life…  It certainly says something about her and it say something about our mission: “To restore hope to Leukemia patients and their families through increasing bone marrow registrants, providing nutritious meals, and supporting blood cancer research.”

So join us at the Polo Match.  You will be inspired and will be able to enjoy gormet food, great drinks, fine Polo and family fun.  All of this while you help us continue to provide HOPE to those fighting leukemia and their families.

See you at the grounds!