Words of Hope: Team Tyler Marrow Drive

On Sunday, February 24th at 3:00PM, There Goes My Hero will team up with the University of Maryland’s Women’s basketball team to host a bone marrow drive during their game against Duke, Maryland’s rivals, at the Comcast Center. Come out and enjoy what is sure to be a great game, and stop by our tables to join the marrow registry like the Lady Terps already have!

It is incredibly simple to join – all it takes is a cheek swab and you could be in the position to save someone’s life. 6 out of 10 patients who need a marrow transplant have no match. If you are a match for a patient, you can donate either peripheral blood stem cells, which is like giving blood, or bone marrow, for which you are given general anesthesia so you experience no pain. You are more likely to match someone of a similar ethnicity and, with so few people in the registry, minorities’ chances of finding a match are even lower. You can be the one to give a second chance at life for one of thousands of people who are suffering from leukemia or other blood cancers and need a marrow transplant. Get swabbed, it’s a layup!