Preamble to HeroPalooza

I have had a challenging and rewarding week that will culminate tomorrow at Hero Palooza.   I spent Saturday and Sunday with CAM and his family at Hopkins as he continues his battle.  I also got to meet a new friend face to face Saturday on “the unit” at Hopkins, VG.  I have been speaking with her and her family as her treatment moves toward a bone marrow transplant. Their family will be big allies for Hero in the future.  Monday through Wednesday I spent time in Utah fly fishing.  It was a retreat for men being treated or having had cancer.  I was the man furthest out from treatment.  Some of the guys were still in treatment.  Three or four of the guys had a terminal diagnosis.  It was a difficult and valuable experience.  I found my story provided hope and inspiration to those who were following me in their treatments.  Yesterday, I was honored to receive the Harford County Most Beautiful Person award.  I wasn’t sure what to make of it before I attended the ceremony.  After hearing the stories of the other honorees and understanding the history of the award, I felt very privileged having had received it.  I received certifications from my US Congressman, US Senator, MD Senator, County Executive and the County Council.  I was moved and quite choked up.
In short, we are kicking butt.  People know who we are and they appreciate what we do!  You all, the board, friends and volunteers are a huge part of this.  Know that I appreciate what you do for Hero and I truly value all of your friendships, more than you already know.  The only way I get through some of the harder times is knowing that you all are behind me.