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Meet a Hero

  Two years ago, one of Hero’s volunteers received a phone call that he was the match for a blood cancer patient who needed a stem cell transplant. Mike was the perfect match, and even though he knew almost nothing about the patient, he knew he wanted to save a life. In April 2016, Mike…

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The Bone Marrow Registry and Why Diversity Matters

With every passing 120 seconds a person in the U.S. is diagnosed with a blood cancer. Many people look to the National Bone Marrow Registry when in need of a transplant, but many people are looking at this list and seeing a huge problem.   Minorities are greatly underrepresented on the bone marrow registry. 67%…

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Words of Hope – Hotel Johns Hopkins

June 7th 2008: I just finished my first round or “induction round” of chemotherapy. It was a cocktail of 3 different types of chemo in various doses, spread over 8 days. The only name I remember is Cytarabine. The reason I can remember it is because of the nickname it has, Cy-terrible. This is because…

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