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Four Foods to Help You Stay Strong During Chemotherapy

Part of There Goes My Hero’s mission is to provide nourishment to blood cancer patients and their families. During treatment, nutrition can play a vital part in staying strong and as healthy as possible during chemotherapy and radiation. Here are 4 foods (and drinks) that might help you deal with the side-effects of the the…

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Learn A Little – How Leukemia Treatment Is Changing

by Kristina Gaddy, volunteer with Hero Author, writer, hematologist, and oncologist Jerome Groopman is well known for writing about health topics, specifically cancer and HIV/AIDS for the non-medical community.  This week in an article in The New Yorker magazine, he reveals the new way doctors are approaching leukemia treatment. Four years ago when I was…

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Words of Hope – Feeling Weird

September was a strange time.  I had endured two rounds of induction chemotherapy and the second version FLAM, and it had put me into a solid remission.  After 21 days inpatient for the FLAM treatment, I was home for the month of September, except for the daily visits to Hopkins to check my blood and…

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Words of Hope – Hotel Johns Hopkins

June 7th 2008: I just finished my first round or “induction round” of chemotherapy. It was a cocktail of 3 different types of chemo in various doses, spread over 8 days. The only name I remember is Cytarabine. The reason I can remember it is because of the nickname it has, Cy-terrible. This is because…

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Words of Hope – Let's Shave Our Heads Together

May 27th 2008: I had spent the previous two weeks digesting a leukemia diagnosis with my family, while also adding to the family with the birth of Joseph. Joseph, my red headed wonder boy was born into a “s _ it storm” for lack of a better term. Ian, my oldest, was 4.5 and he and…

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