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The Bone Marrow Registry and Why Diversity Matters

With every passing 120 seconds a person in the U.S. is diagnosed with a blood cancer. Many people look to the National Bone Marrow Registry when in need of a transplant, but many people are looking at this list and seeing a huge problem.   Minorities are greatly underrepresented on the bone marrow registry. 67%…

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Learn A Little – How Leukemia Treatment Is Changing

by Kristina Gaddy, volunteer with Hero Author, writer, hematologist, and oncologist Jerome Groopman is well known for writing about health topics, specifically cancer and HIV/AIDS for the non-medical community.  This week in an article in The New Yorker magazine, he reveals the new way doctors are approaching leukemia treatment. Four years ago when I was…

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Learn a Little – How to Find a Perfect Match

We talk about getting “matches” for leukemia patients, but what exactly is a match? Every person has a blood type (think A+, O-, etc.), and when we get a blood transfusion, we have to get a type of blood that agrees with our bodies.  Finding a match for a bone marrow transplant or blood stem…

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